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My Choice Health Services Clinic is a family practice that offers effective and efficient medical services for all. From virtual appointments to in-person checkups, we are here to handle all of your medical concerns with the utmost care. We have doctors that are currently accepting new patients for phone call or in person appointments, and offer specialized programs such as our MD Led Weight Management program, Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy, and Pain Management. Our clinic is located in Oakville, Ontario. 


We strive to work with high moral principles and professional standards to improve the lives and well beings of our patients and their families. 


We are accepting new patients!


Weight Management

We offer an MD Led Weight Management Program at My Choice Health Service. We believe that Obesity is a Chronic disease, affected by four main factors i: e; Genetics, Environment, Life style and Biology.

Cardiology Assessement

My-choice health service is pleased to partner with Ontario Heart Centers to bring evaluation and management of common heart diseases to the doorstep of the community of Oakville.

Chronic Pain Management

We are passionate and understand the impact of chronic pain on individuals, family and at the community at large. Therefore, My choice health service is in partnership with Intervention Pain Clinics.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a branch of medicine which deals with diagnosis and treatment methodologies which helps the damaged part of the human body to regenerate or repair.

Sports Medicine

My-Choice Health service has a team of enthusiastic sports physicians who can get you back to your passion in full motion safely and as early as possible. Please be aware that.

Allied Services

My choice health service coordinates Allied health services for community of Oakville. Patients can access following Allied health services at my choice health service Oakville location. Travel vaccine,Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Aesthetic Medical Services, Sexual health application of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)

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2200 Trafalgar Road 

Oakville ON

L6H 7H2

(289) 837-4463

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We are currently accepting new patients for virtual/phone call appointments.

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2200 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville ON L6H 7H2

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